Are you open to learning something new about raising children?
Do you want to find more joy in parenting?

Would you like to develop  your child's emotional wellbeing and strengthen your own skills?

How one can parent with emotional intelligence and teach children to be smarter with their own feelings and emotions? The answer is simple and yet requires a lot of time, practise and effort. We enhance our children’s EQ levels through understanding, learning and developing our own emotional intelligence. Parenting is the most powerful way to influence the future. By connecting to our own sense of purpose as parents we can teach ourselves to see the bigger picture. And we can truly discover how to deal with our own emotions and then teach our children to do the same.


We offer individual parental consultations and a range of group workshops and seminars that combine scientific and research-based findings with simple experiential exercises derived from various educational approaches. And we specialise in positive parenting. Easy to use in real life yet powerful, these skills will transform your life as a parent and create an atmosphere of peaceful discipline, harmony and trust at home.

Week 1

Introduction to Parenting with Emotional Intelligence and Positive Discipline

Week 2

Physiological and Psychological development at different ages.  Personality types

Week 3

What is Emotional Intelligence and why coaching emotions and developing your child’s EI is important

Week 5

Belief behind the behaviour, mistaken goals and why controlling your own behaviour is much more important than trying to control your child

Week 6

Praise/Punishment and better alternatives

Week 7

Growth mindset vs Fixed mindset and setting goals for the future

Week 4

Birth Order and siblings rivalry

1. Introduction to Parenting with Emotional Intelligence and Positive Discipline

2. Praise and Punishment

3. Ages and stages
(physiological and psychological development in  different age groups)

4. War and Peace
(choosing the battles and the buttons our children push)

5. Developing Emotional Intelligence in children

6. Dealing effectively with unwanted behaviour

8. Homework struggles

9. Bullying

10. Raising children in the third culture world

11. Raising Bilingual children

12. Kids and Gadgets

13. Tough questions and age appropriate answers
(sex, death etc)

7. Siblings
(the eldest, the middle one(s), the youngest)

​We can deliver our seminars and workshops online, in your home, in schools and community centres, or at your office.

Online Workshops

via established webinar platforms or Skype depending on the number of participants.

At home

Find a group of like minded people (6-16 persons), help in finding the venue and organising logistics and you can enjoy the course for free.

Schools, nurseries, community centres

Parenting workshops and seminars can help establish deeper connections in the parent-teacher-triangle. For smaller groups we can offer interactive sessions with many experiential activities, for larger groups an information-rich seminar with tools for further self practice.


Many people who work in the office are parents. Parents with busy schedules and days filled with meetings and work tasks. And then there are kids at home to parent after a hard day at work.

To accommodate your busy schedule we can offer breakfast or lunch meetings, after work courses or separate training or corporate events. They can be combined with “Adult” workshops from WORK section or can be orientated exclusively to parenting with EI and Positive Discipline. All formats can be negotiated and adapted accordingly.


Private parent consultations are also available online, in person and by email.


“Teaching our kids to feel their emotions and that
emotions are ok are key life skills.”

Samar Shera

Our flagship 7 weeks parenting course

Parenting with Emotional Intelligence and Positive Discipline

Standalone Workshops

We also offer standalone workshops on many topics including:

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