Do you feel overwhelmed or bored?
Are you anxious or lethargic?
Are you stuck? Are you in transition and feeling lost? Would you like to change that?

Unfortunately life doesn’t come with an instruction manual and yet we feel that we should instinctively know how to live a calm, happy and meaningful life. 

But life doesn’t work that way. Things do go wrong, we do feel overwhelmed, bored, anxious or lethargic, stuck or overrun. 


I have been there.

No one prepared me for living life in different countries and cultures, no one prepared me for the birth of premature babies, no one prepared me for drastic changes in my career and ambitions. No one can prepare you for anything like this. And yet it happens. In one way or another it happens to all of us. The things we are not prepared for. And then it is up to us how to deal with it.

For me the change and transformation that was required to become aware of my feelings, to accept them, to give them the right to be, and to act on the basis of well thought-through choices, was hard. It is still hard even though I know the rules of the game now. And I really wish I had the support of a coaching professional back then to partner with me and introduce me to the resources that I have both inside and around me. 

And that is where coaching comes in...

Whilst Upbright doesn’t have that instruction manual, we help you interpret the coded messages that your emotions and feelings send every day. We partner with you on the coaching journey towards your goals,  hold your hand through the process, paying attention to pivotal moments and insights while rediscovering your core strength and values that are there to guide and navigate you through life. And once you see how it works you can’t un-see it. Through practise you can make it a natural part of yourself and then the possibilities are endless, because as they say “the biggest prison that we create is the one in our head”.


“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do”

Brene Brown


We tailor coaching programmes to suit your individual needs and schedule. This will be based on either situational or transformational coaching, with interpreting emotions central to all that we do. 

Situational Coaching
Transformational Coaching


We also offer small or lager group workshops on various topics, including:

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence 

The habits we create

Rediscovering yourself

The Art of Letting go

We can also create bespoke workshops on other topics of interest. 

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