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FREE introductory seminar

“A misbehaving child, is a discouraged child”


Rudolf Dreikurs

No matter what people tell you about becoming a parent, nothing really prepares you for the tsunami of raising children. 

Raising kids is never simple and easy, the challenges just change with age. Have to admit, it is rarely boring either.  


Sometimes parenting feels natural and things just fall into right places, and sometimes it can feel like an alien has landed in your house and it's impossible to understand and hard to make any sort of contact. 


As a parent myself, I understand the feelings you're going through, so as a professional I have learned and filtered various theories and practices to deal with parenting issues in the "good enough" and balanced  way. Let me partner with you and share the best of the tools and techniques and together we can work to achieve brighter days ahead. 

Portrait of a Happy Child

Module 1


Building connection, co-operation and confidence.

Playing Tug of War

Module 6


How to make home life more harmonious, reduce stressful moments, get children into good habits and encourage self-reliance.

Kids in the Garden

Module 2


Improve your emotional bond with your children, encourage communication and good behaviour by understanding and helping children manage their emotions more effectively.

Pinwheel Kids

Module 4


How to formulate, communicate and follow through on rules consistently in ways that pass on the values you want for your children and encourage cooperation while preserving a child’s individuality.

Kids Running

Module 3


Understanding your child's stages of development and temperament and framing appropriate behavioural expectations. Understanding beliefs about parenting which shape your methods.

Kid Jump

Module 5


How to respond constructively to unwanted behaviours in ways that teach children to take responsibility and learn from their mistakes without damaging self-esteem or being over-controlling.

Investment depends on the number of participants and level of coaching support. Please contact us for more detials


If you would like a more personalised approach, please consider booking a private session to address your issues and concerns. We offer competitively priced packages tailored to your individual needs. 

Private coaching sessions for parents:
60 or 90 minutes single consulting/coaching session 

Package of six sessions



“Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them.”


Lady Bird Johnson

Individual or group sessions for children from the age of 7. Coaching skills for life

Individual and group coaching sessions for young athletes. Mindset coaching for competitive sport.



Get in touch to learn more

“Working with Anoush was a great opportunity for my daughter and myself. My daughter learned a lot about herself and acquired coaching tools that she can now use in different areas of her life. I have noticed a difference in our relationship and grateful to Anoush for sharing her knowledge and experience. The content of the sessions remained confidential yet the structure that was provided and the consultation I had with Anoush allowed me to understand my daughter much better on so many levels including her temperament, internal blocks and worries. I am excited about the changes that I have started noticing.”

Vicky - Hong Kong


6 sessions - one hour each. Free pre-coaching talk with parents to discuss the structure and goals of the sessions and detailed report with recommendations upon the completion of the course.

Get in touch to learn more 



We will discuss the tools and practices that might help them deal with hard days and nights of adolescence.

Practical tools and questions that will help your teenager to understand what coaching is and how to practice independently, how growth mindset can help them thrive in life and then we will work through particular issues and concerns your child might have, including but not limited to self-esteem, self-image, relationships, bullying, anxiety and stress. Your child will get age appropriate tools and practices that will help him or her deal with the above issues, as well as establish goals, explore options, create plans and act on them. 

“Anoush was always ready with simple tools, processes and book recommendations that perfectly aligned with my needs and interests.

Anoush is a lovely coach – genuinely caring and dedicated to personal growth and transformation. She carefully employs a coaching process that is non-intrusive, yet powerfully insightful for realizing deep-seated beliefs and patterns and bringing clarity to personal values.”

Madison A. / Hong Kong 

Seminars and Workshops


We regularly host webinars on the below and other topics priced at HKD 280 per participant.

Click here to see a list of the upcoming events and to reserve your place.

Bespoke webinars can be arranged, please get in touch.


Introduction to Parenting with Emotional Intelligence and Positive Discipline

Kids Running

Birth Order and siblings rivalry

Happy Teens

Growth mindset vs Fixed mindset and setting goals for the future

Image by Allen Taylor

Physiological and Psychological development at different ages.  Personality types

Image by Caroline Hernandez

Belief behind the behaviour, mistaken goals and why controlling your own behaviour is much more important than trying to control your child

Egg and Spoon Race

Bilingualism. From birth and later. Gift or Punishment


What is Emotional Intelligence and why coaching emotions and developing your child’s EI is important

Boy in Toy Store

Praise/Punishment and better alternatives

If you would like a more personalised approach please consider booking a private session to address your issues and concerns. We offer competitively priced packages tailored to your individual needs. 

Bespoke Services

Bespoke Services

Online Workshops

Via established webinar platforms depending on the number of participants.

At Home

Find a group of like minded people (6-16 persons), help in finding the venue and organising logistics and you can enjoy the course for free.

Schools, nurseries, community centres

Parenting workshops and seminars can help establish deeper connections in the parent-teacher-triangle. For smaller groups we can offer interactive sessions with many experiential activities, for larger groups an information-rich seminar with tools for further self practice.


Many people who work in the office are parents. Parents with busy schedules and days filled with meetings and work tasks. And then there are kids at home to parent after a hard day at work.

To accommodate your busy schedule we can offer breakfast or lunch meetings, after work courses or separate training or corporate events.

If you would like a more personalised approach please consider booking a private session to address your issues and concerns. We offer competitively priced packages tailored to your individual needs. 


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